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About Us

Five years ago, if someone were to come and ask us what our strategy was behind setting up Fresh Baked Goodness that involves mixing batters and selling cakes, we wouldn't have known what to say except the fact that we loved desserts ourselves and more so... loved feeding people what they love too! And to think that we grew from a zero strategized business to a full fledged unit, that holds a capacity of producing 100 kilos a day is a mountain of growth we hold very close to our hearts!

Every step of the way, cautiously and thoughtfully, our founder, 'M', who started baking just so she could satisfy her midnight cravings for desserts, and her unending love for chocolate. This desire to bake everyday not only saw potential and growth from a business perspective, but also saw a certain calling, and a certain sense of contentment from providing edible creations that linger long after her clients have tasted them.

Like every other story, this did not come easy to her like a swish of the magic wand! She still boasts of the several months she'd spent burning cakes to learning the art of temperatures, to consistency of creams, experimenting various parameters and then when the time was right, she went on to take the big leap to announce her brand Fresh Baked Goodness, a name she just woke up with one fine morning!

Our Journey

From a one member unit, and a gracious family that shared its kitchen to this home-baker, about two years down the line, FBG expanded to a 3 member unit and now a full fledged unit of 20 people handling every department from purchase to public relations! Somewhere around our second year in business, was born our claim to fame dessert - Classic 6 Layer Brahma. Not very long after this dessert started making waves did people of Namma Chennai take notice of it and boy, did our Classic 6 Layer Brahma make heads turn! To say we solely did this task by ourselves will be a lie under bright light. What really kept us going and helped us climb this mountain and make it a pleasurable one are the clients who enjoyed our strive for finesse and more.

And then came healthy collaborations. Popular restaurants in the city loved what we did and gave us a ride along with them! Soon, our desserts were available at various restaurants in the city. Know more about collaborations here.

FBG set up its first outlet at Mylapore and a subsequent outlet at Khader Nawaz Khan Road in Nungambakkam.

At 2 outlets, and a business model with Pan-Chennai delivery, FBG reaches far and wide, thanks to the open arms our clients have extended and the love they shower upon us!

Our Motto

Vegetarianism is the flag that soars high at FBG. Besides that, we also believe in not serving you chemical infused colours, not mixing artificial fruit enhancers, improvers, gels and substances that make your cake rise and give you an unrealistic sense of a super soft cake. We work tirelessly to bake every single cake from scratch, assemble them on call and deliver them when you require it.

We cater to every possible need- be it a Vegan, or allergen specific. We hear you and 'tailor-bake' your cake with diligence and care!

To know more about our decorations, and colour alternatives, click on HOW TO ORDER to read a detailed description of our work.

Women In The House!!

We are a huge jing-bang of women out here! We pick women from all walks of life and place them at various departments at FBG. Oh yes, there's a bit of chatter and giggles amongst us women, but when we get together, we work from each of our desks to give you the best cake you've had in a long time! Come and be a part of our women team. Connect if you would love to work with us. We women dominate here, but anyone can write to us if you're looking for work! Click here.

Pan-Chennai Delivery

In today's world of ordering in and binge-worthy sit-coms, it's the most ideal set up to let your cakes walk up to you. FBG can proudly boast that it's the first bakery in the city to have an air-conditioned vehicle that caters specifically to its deliveries. We deliver the most delicate of cakes across the length and breadth of the city. We work through the day, with effective plans and time tables in our kitchen, so as to make sure we do not disappoint any customer who orders even at the nth hour, because we know, that there's always room for dessert!

  • New No: 22, Old No: 40, 3rd Street, East Abhiramapuram, Mylapore,

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