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Fresh Baked Goodness, Mylapore, Chennai | How To Order

How To Order

How to Order

This simple infographic provided will give you an outlined idea of how easy it is to place an order with us! We recommend you glance through our work, see what you react to, based on the occasion you're looking to celebrate, and place an order by phone or by clicking on our ORDER ONLINE option!
Let us run you through a quick, yet elaborate explanation to simplify how you choose your pick!



Every one of us are trying our very best to curb COVID-19 during this period.
We have made necessary arrangements to serve you with minimal movement from our side.
The following slides will help you understand our ordering process, our restricted movement along with our Terms and Conditions & Refund Policies.


Say HI to us!

FBG has your back, be it anything- Birthdays, Weddings , Corporate Orders , Food Scapes & Table Scapes and Mentally Curated edible goods that serves any purpose from self indulgence to gifts of love!

Birthdays & Anniversaries

That special day arrives once a year.. and how you wish it never ends! Since the sun does rise and set, we help in letting the taste of our creation linger long after you've tasted them! That special day is either yours or your loved ones... So go on, give them the best while we help you gift your best! We always recommend, before any client asks us for suggestions to know what the client 'likes'.

> To start a conversation with leads, likes, dislikes from you is the best way to get your cake in good shape and structure!
> With plenty of choices under various categories, choose if you want mousse, or cake, cheesecake or a simple and satisfying pudding!
> Tell us what you might want on your cake, for we can do anything you might like, but remember, give us the lead so we can narrow down soon enough and give you the best! (*Note - we do not do cartoon characters or adult cakes nor fondant toppers. Please have a vocal conversation over the phone with our representatives to understand alternatives for the same.)
> Hop on over to our self-explanatory ORDER ONLINE menu, that lets you explore options. Choose, add them to the cart and have them delivered at your doorstep, if need be.

Weddings & Multi-tier cakes

A bride is always 'the' showstopper! Here we create cakes that look equally elegant and beautiful like the bride herself! Refraining from fondant, chemical infused colours, we make beautiful creations with real cream, chocolate and fruits. We are currently testing colourful creations using pure vegetable dyes that sure will take your cakes a notch higher! With a beautiful alternative that came our way, we started to work with edible wafer paper flowers. Now your cake can not only look beautiful but you don't have to eat those decorative flowers either, and even if you do, you're safe! :)

> Talk to us regarding your event. The scope and size of it, nature of your event and preferences of design.
> This can be done over email or a simple phone call. (We refrain from long discussions and briefs over whatsapp and Facebook.)
> Subsequently, you're welcome for a meeting to discuss your ideas, colour specs, flavour preferences and quantity. (*Note- this is our order format. Flavours do not come before the look of the cake, rather after! And flavour does not necessarily denote the colour of the cake.)
Multi-tiered cakes are celebrated for almost anything! The bash is yours, so you'd know what best you want to do! We are here to give you special looking and tasting cakes from celebrating the birth of a baby to your grandparent's blessed 100th birthday!
Take a look at our wedding creations/multi-tiered cakes here. (link to wedding albums)

Corporate Orders

We hear you when you want to celebrate with the best cake for your boss! Or that sweet colleague who sits next to you and covers your back when you're out gallivanting! OR.... when you just want cake for the entire office so you can spread some cheer! Write to us if you have a hefty quantity every month and your firm can be on our corporate clients listing and avail goodies at good discounted rates!
FBG not just provides cakes and desserts, talk to us if you're looking for

> Curated gifts for selective clients
> Shipping edible gifts to clients
> Conference food & dessert menu
> High-tea food scapes for corporate offices
> Event specific packed boxes. > And of course, delicious cakes, cookies and any dessert from our menu, tailor made to your specification!

Food Scapes & Table Scapes

Various occasions demand you to be a host! Put your feet up while we help you curate a beautiful menu and make them for you! We don't just stop here... we also scape the food beautifully at your dinner table!
Hosting a simple breakfast or high tea? Lunch or dinner? Or delegates who are of prime importance to your firm? Your partners flying down and you want to put together your best?
Just call us and tell us your requirement!

> We don't just put together a beautiful menu, we come on site, scape the food table for you to make it look like the most delectable spread!
> We do not have a set menu, rather we'd like to hear your requirement.
> Our food, we are certain will speak volumes, with flavours and presentation being top notch! Give us a try!

Mentally Curated

Sometimes, we love to put together our stuff along with other beautiful stuff available around us! We are in the process of collecting a database with which we can curate a mix of our products and that of others to make a beautiful gift box for our customers! Tell us what you make, or ask us what we can put together for you and we will oblige a food box with some style statement!

Gift your Special Person

> Choose a cake of your choice.
> Register and Login with us. (Info of person booking the cake).
> In the comments section, please mention
Please deliver to:
Chennai - 123456
> Make Payment.

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